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What heel lengths do you have?

We have 4 types of heels: 4 cm, 6 cm, 7.5 cm and 8 cm. Measure taken from size 40.


Which model is the most comfortable?

It depends on many factors - your height, weight, foot width, and what footwear you use every day. We describe each model in detail. Choose the one you find best. If you want to replace your shoes, our amazing customer service will help you with it.


Will I have to take off my shoes at the security checkpoint?

It depends on the sensors of the given gate. The shoes do have some metal elements such as nails that connect the sole to the heel, airplane pins and the brand logo 4PLANESonly on the sole.


Can I remove the airplane shaped pin?

This is not possible, but the shoes can be ordered without the pin.


Do you ship shoes abroad?

Yes, we are shiping all over Europe.

*(exceptions: UK, Germany (temporary).


How much would it cost me to eventually return them if they aren’t the proper size?

The cost of return shipping is covered by the customer. You can use the post mail or courier services. Remember that the shoes must be returned to us "unused". Please do a test on a soft surface. Wrap each shoe separately to prevent damage during the return trip. Please be informed that the amount of the refund may be proportionally reduced in case of receiving damaged shoes. Read more abut our RETURN POLICY HERE


How big is the side airplane pin ?

The length and wingspan of the aircraft is around 11-12 mm.


Can I wear 4PLANESonly shoes on my airline?

We hope so. However, the people responsible for your airline’s uniform procedures can provide you with a more accurate answer. In case the shoes with a pin do not meet the requirements of your airline, we have models without it. The pin adds charm, but the comfort of wearing the shoes and the health of your feet are the most important.


What shoe size should I order if my feet have different sizes?

It is quite normal for our feet to differ in size and often even one size difference. We recommend you measure your longer foot and compare its size with the sizes in the table presented HERE.


How about the durability and strength of  4PLANESonly shoes?

We create our shoes with attention to every detail, and the elements from which they were made are of the highest quality. Our undersoles are reinforced, and the insoles are unbending, breathable and “bounce back”.

The production itself takes place in Poland in a small plant with over 40 years of tradition. We use strong threads and adhesives. The shoes, additionally, have a sole that is slightly protruding beyond the shoe’s outline, which protects them against abrasion. The heel is made of hard black plastic. The durability of your shoes also depends on how you care for them. Use professional cosmetics that will protect the leather from cracking; use shoe trees that keep the shoes in their proper shape for a long time; avoid moisture. Take care of them and they will stay with you for years. 

See the video on how we produce 4PLANESonly shoes.


Will the shoes stretch?

The shoes are made of natural leather, which tends to stretch slightly during use. However, we do not recommend buying shoes that are too tight.


Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Of course. Thick the "VAT invoice" box when placing the order.


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